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What a Steal..!!! I thought i should do something...
What's more is there to say..??Rilakkuma is simp...
Beautiful night with <3 Darling drove me out to EC...
First week of school.. Anyway, yeah sch started...
Edited some pics of us, after Erin tag us in FB.. ...
Post-it Stick Practically Anyway.. Post-it super...
Movie with Dearest last Sunday.. Nice show..!! Cl...


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Written at Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | back to top

What a Steal..!!!

I thought i should do something to this little space of mine as it had been left abandon since August last year..??

Anyway there's no one bother to visit here also, i guess..

I LOVE SHOPPING..!! Although more than half of his wardrobe is occupied by me.. =x

Items i got today,

Blue Strips Maxi dress at S$12.00

Wool Material Grey Cardigan at S$12.00

Black/Pink Bandage Skirt at S$10.00

Total spending S$34.00.. Super worth la~...

Okay..!! I know is a random post but.... Nah.. Will update again.. =)

Written at Thursday, August 12, 2010 | back to top

What's more is there to say..??
Rilakkuma is simply L.O.V.E..!! <3<3<3>

Rilakkuma Shop

P/S : Friends out there who are a Rilakkuma big fans like me, please help to click the banner on my left and visit there shop.. ^^

Written at Saturday, May 8, 2010 | back to top

Beautiful night with <3
Darling drove me out to ECP the other weekend.. Had our supper at Mac and we caught these 2 Rila.. *Loves*
Written at Saturday, May 1, 2010 | back to top


As Promised, photos on his birthday celebration are up..!! I know is kinda late but forgive me due to my busy + tight schedule.. Everyday is just about work and school and it's really mentally and physically tiring.. =(

Ben drove over that day but before that we went to look for his gifts.. Ya, last min but i didn't have the time to do so earlier on.. But still we manager to get something (a watch) but mayb it was a wrong choice cos he received a total of 4 watches that night from 4 different groups..

Anyhow, hope you still like the gifts and did enjoy yourself that night.. Well, here goes some of the interesting photos i manage to capture that night..

Small group of us as not all had turn up..


Took a final group photos before.......................

As usual, he was told to lick out the candle stand...

He got a little suspicious but knew what will happened next..

I must admit that he really look scary in this pic.. Haha..
Trying to act cool but is mad angry inside..

After most of his guest went home, we went inside his chalet room and play poke cards with few of his other friends.. Head back around 1 plus going to 2 after sending fiona and bert home

Side track a bit..

For those who follow me on my Facebook recently must be wondering who is the bitch i'm referring to that make me mad angry..

Well, is actually my new classmate, who owns a character of being confident and proud in another words "hao lian"

I have to admit she is those smart kind who shouted most of the answer prompt by the lecturer and she do speaks english with accent.. ya.. there's nothing wrong with her for being so smart..

According to what i did mention on the earlier post that there is actually 2 group projects therefore we need to form a group and submit our names that day.. Apart from that the lecturer did state that he hope to have a maximum of 4 groups due to time constrain he couldn't have so much small groups as it take time to present.. As our class have a total of abt 28 of them which some have not show their faces so far yet.. So if divided into 4 groups, there will be ard 6 to 7 person in a group

We manage to form a team of 7 person as well as 2 other group except for one which onli got 4 person bcos there were quite a number of absentee that day.. We were all fine with it but then this bossy bitch started to make noise saying if the group too big there will be difficulties making decision.. So after hearing what she trying to hint us, me and my frenz got so angry and we volunteer to go over to another group which..

Dun you think it doesn't making any sense..??

Firstly, if u think the group is too big why dun u join another group which onli got 4..??
Secondly, there were also around the same amt of ppl in another 2 group and in the first place, if divided it out into 4 that should also be around 6 to 7 in the groups, so tell me what's wrong..??

Anyway i should be happy that i'm not in the team with this kind of person bcos it will be hard to communicate with her.. As she is much of those bossy type which always voice out and making decision herself..

I'm so pissed off with her the that night and you know what even worse is she came asking me the next day izzit ok if we join the other team and are we confirm that we are joining the other team..

Come on la, in the first place u complaint the group was "too big" and now what's the point of trying to show concern now..??

Just say i'm petty or what but i'm so not going to talk her nicely.. Thanks for being the first one i mark down on in class

K, enough of that, i just spend half of my day away venting my anger here..

Written at Sunday, April 25, 2010 | back to top

First week of school..

Anyway, yeah sch started some how and everything was ok.. Just that majority in the class are Malay's.. Get to know a few new frenz though..

This semester all i can say is dead.. Out of the 4 module, 3 of it are super theory.. That means my brain gonna be so damage memorising the notes and CAs 1 coming in 1 month time (sound really fast) there will be 2 written tests and 2 projects..

Every days seem like a never ending day which make me felt mad exhausted.. And out of it the most irritating part is that you had to squeeze in a sardine pack bus/train during peak hours.. How annoying it could be..!!

Never less, i manage to be in lesson just in time so far cos i'm not gonna let them deduct my marks bcos i'm late or absent.. Therefore, i will try my best to be there every lesson no matter rain or shine..

Lesson so far so good although each week they will be covering a new topic so by the end of this week i had to get the notes stuff into my brain cos i'm not the kind for last min preparation.. And bcos of time constrain, lecture and tutorial classes are always combine.. And bcos we always can't finish in time, we have to bring it back as an assignment to do.. Which result, of me having so much home works.. =_="

This years they claim that they had a lot more ppl enrolling for this course therefore they open up an additional class last mins.. i believe it's due to the reason of having high drop out rates last year.. Can you imagine 60% of them actually drop out last year after the first sem..

4 years, it sound really a long way to go.. I'm not sure if i'm able to hold on to it..

I seriously need encouragement and motivation..!!


P/s: Will be back to updated on his birthday celebration over at Pasir Ris Chalet.. =D
Written at Thursday, April 15, 2010 | back to top

Edited some pics of us, after Erin tag us in FB..

*Loves* ^^
Written at Monday, April 12, 2010 | back to top

Post-it Stick Practically Anyway..

Post-it super sticky note is so great that it bring me convenience by having the sticky note on my note book as a reminder so that i won't miss out any duties or appointments..



Rila had been working on his projects 24/7 because he is so forgetful, he mixed up the due date of submission for his projects.. How stress could he be right now..

After hours and hours of rushing his projects like mad, he decided to have a break.. While resting, he thinks of what solution he should have to implant on, in order to remind himself of important stuff..


He came up with this handy dandy note book with Post-it sticky note on.. Now without much hassle of finding which page did he actually wrote down his important stuff but instead with a quick glance at the Post-it sticky note.. Easy or what.. You can have one yourself too..

Post-it brand is celebrating their 30th anniversary and giving out attractive prizes so don't miss it..!!

Simply snap a picture or short video of how you uses Post-it products in daily life and submit to HERE..

Submit your entry by 18 April and you could be the one winning those attractive prices..


And if you are a nuffnang blogger, you could stand a chance to win instant prizes giving away by Post-it Brand.. More details are over HERE..

Have fun..!!
Written at Sunday, April 11, 2010 | back to top

Once again, i would like to thanks all from the effort you guys spend on the gifts for me.. Really love it a lot..

Firstly thanks to NP groups of friend for the lovely top and cardigan..

Bracelet from Erin.. Thanks so much..!!

Thanks to Anna and her bf who came all the way to Woodlands to pass me the Cafe Rila plush toy and 2 Rila Key chain..

Last but not least a very big thanks to Shu Hua and Eric who contribute most of the gifts in the picture.. And thanks for wrapping them in 7 separate wrapping paper.. It must have take u some times to do so.. Gifts i receive from her, big rila plush toy, 2 small rila plush toy, a rila letter holder, rila zip file, rila chocolate bar, rila sticker with my name on, rila tissue paper, 10 precious moments note books and pens, coin purse from Thailand and a contact lens container..

Thanks all.. Really appreciate it..!! ^^

Written at Friday, April 9, 2010 | back to top

Movie with Dearest last Sunday.. Nice show..!!

Click on my Nuffnang Ads please..!!

Thanks.. ^^

Written at Wednesday, April 7, 2010 | back to top


Credits to Desmond, who help us take the group..

Meet up in the evening then dinner at one of the Japanese restaurant over at the cathay.. After which Chai Ling and Kent parted to join their group of friends while the rest of us head over to Cine..

Wanna to catch a movie but most of it left single sit, so we went over to kbox but to find that the price is a bit out of budget.. They then decided to head to some where to have a drink and chill there..

Ended up at coffee club over at wheelock Place.. Each of us order a cold chilling drink.. ^^

Chill and slack there all the way till 3am then cabb-ed back..
Written at Saturday, April 3, 2010 | back to top


Meet up with my bestie yesterday, hit the town and shop for lot's of things..

The things that i've bought.. Head straight to Far East Plaza and i got this floral skirt, as it was a good bargain, only selling at $10..!! While babe get a top at $10 too.. Actually everything selling at $10 store wide.. Lolx..

Shop around the mall while looking for her skirt that she could wear for her work.. And she bought a necklace, bracelet and slipper..

She loves accessories so much that she is willing to spend on it even if it's expensive.. One of it caught my eye but it was too expensive so i didn't get it.. And this little sweet friend of mine asked for new piece and bought it as a belated gifts for me.. "Thanks Erin.. I really love it alot.."

Then we went over ION to look for Wen.. Catch up a little with her before going over to Taka to continue our shopping spree..

We each bought a Kappa couple tee as we find the design simple and nice then over to the department store and i bought a fews Rila stuff.. Now i've discover another place selling Rila item.. *beam* =D

Wen, call us after she knock off from work then we went over to Xing Wang Cafe and had a little snack before heading back home..

Lot's of photos is still with babe will upload them once i've got it..

Written at Thursday, April 1, 2010 | back to top


And i've got myself fool today due to my stupidity..

As you know, everyone has been looking forward to this movie "Clash of the Titans" and it's out showing today.. Therefore, ben hope to be the first few to catch the movie, so he ask me to book the tickets for tonight show..

As i was rather busy today, i had my quick lunch break and search for the movie that he wanna watch, so after confirming with him the time slot i went to place my booking.. As i was rushing, i didn't notice much and i just key in the my card no etc.. After confirming the booking then i realise i've actually booked a wrong movie and wrong location..!! How blur can i get..

So i make a phone call to check with them, lucky we were able to change the tickets to the movie that we wanna watch..

So meet him up in the evening and went all the way to Cine to change our movie tickets den dinner at Heeren, Shokudo..
Shokudo is another Restaurant similar to Marche.. They uses cards to place order too.. If i were to compare them i think Shokudo is much more better than Marche as it has more variety to choose.. Keep walking in the restaurant a few rounds before deciding what i would like to have.. Hard to make up my mind as there is too much good food..

Finally, we settle on this;

I give this 3 and 1/2 stars.. Gonna try this.. It's nice with the Wasabi sauces on top but keep making me chock.. -_-"

4 stars for this.. Wanted something simple so i go for this, it may look plain on the outside but it definitely taste great.. (It's actually udon but i change it to ramen) Must try..!!

Side dish, maybe they had it grilled a little too long the meat turn out to be a little hard but it still taste great..

After our dinner we went over next door to have our dessert..

Home sweet home after that.

Had been cabb-ing alot these few days, will try to cut down this bad habit..

Written at Sunday, March 28, 2010 | back to top

Heh.. Back for update ler..
Darling bought my favourite peppermint cake the other day before my actual birthday.. Love it.. Still that yummy..

Meet up my friend on friday after work.. Went over to 313 at Somerset and dine in at Marche..

Marche, one of the trendy restaurant that uses card to purchases food, it save you the trouble of digging out your money from your wallet.. Simply present the card when purchasing your food and pay the bill only when leaving the restaurant and that save you up from paying a 10% services charge..

Choices of the food was quite limited but one good thing is that you can mix and match the food you want as everything came in a small potion..

Overall the place was great and the food was yummy so i would recommend you to give it a try there..

After our fulling dinner we took train over to Changi as Fiona's bf is on his way back in the flight from Japan..

The only so call group photo i took that day without me inside.. How sad..

After his arrival, they decided to go for Swensen ice-cream and chill there..

Three topless 5 for eight of us and a birthday treat..

The gifts that Fiona'bf bought back from Japan as my birthday present.. Love it so much..!! Thanks skinny..

After finishing our desert, by then was pass midnight ler, didn't head any where after that bcos i was working on the very next day.. =( So cab-ed back, the driver drove damn fast lor and we got back in quite a short while..

As on my actual birthday itself was celebrated with my family over at my grandma house, as usual she would cook a table of delicious dishes but i didn't have much that night bcos i had a super heavy lunch.. Ha..

Nothing much just a simple dinner with them and cake cutting..

Fruit cake chosen by me..
Bro and his gf.. Lolx.. Look at the background of the tv.. damn funny la..

Didn't stay there quite late as i was having a little headache..

As for yesterday had a dinner with Darling's family and it was my treat.. Suggested No Signature SeaFood Restaurant as i was craving for seafood.. Drove over to the one of their outlet at Geylang..

Order a total of 7 dishes for only 5 of us.. A little too much but we manage to finished up most of them.. Total bill was 200 plus.. Kinda ex but is worth la..

Hee.. I am crab lover..

The gifts i received from you.. Thanks so much.. I really love them all..
Credits to :
Precious Moment 3D Photo frame from Raymond, Gilbert and Xiao Ling..
Rilakkuma Ear pieces, plaster, key chain and kitkat from Fiona and Yi Han..
Two tee shirt from my mom and one from my relatives..
Clutch from my relatives..
Ang Bao from relatives and Darling's parent..
Not forgetting a special big thanks to my Darling for the sony vaio laptop that i am using now.. ^^